ACHILLES 195/70R14


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The Achilles 195/70R14 is a cheap all-season performance tire designed with ECOTECH technology that ensures an eco-friendly tire with comfort, stability and quiet ride. The multiple sipes design resists hydroplaning on wet road conditions and quickly channels water to the center rib for evacuation. The solid center rib provides stability while the four-groove design provides enhanced handling. The stiffed tread area is great for straight line tracking, high-speed stability and dry braking. Low rolling resistance enhances gas mileage, Sidewall styling gives the Achilles a modern look, making it a great choice for all car types from sedan to minivan or wagon.

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Fueled by ambitions, Achilles and Corsa stepped on the gas in market competition. Through quality and reliable products, also equipped with the best services, Achilles produced Passenger Tire, Commercial Tire, Truck and Bus Tire, Competition Tire, and Industrial Tire which are now famous and commonly used in international market.


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